Care Instructions

To wash your blanket it is suggested that you use hot water with no bleach. Simple color safe laundry detergent will do. Every dryer is different and often the dryers used by hospitals are set to high heat. We recommend low or no heat drying. For longer lasting blankets, air drying is the best. Remember, the sun fades everything.

Company Information

JBT is a family owned and operated company based in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The blankets are cut and constructed by Paramedics and EMTs who use them.

Since 1969, JBT has been keeping patients warm in cold places all around the world.


Ordering Information

Call for pricing. Quantity discounts available. Seasonal pricing.

Bjorn Ringdahl
Manager, JBT Associates L.L./L.P.
Phone: (218) 736 2819
Fax: (218) 998 3299