Ringdahl Ambulance - Fergus Falls, MN
Joe Mahunik, NREMT-P, jmahunik@ringdahlems.com


Ringdahl Ambulance - Pelican Rapids, MN
Pat Patterson, NREMT-P, ppatterson@ringdahlems.com
Ringdahl EMS Explorer Post 347 2008-2009

Ringdahl Ambulance has been providing pre-hospital care for the people of Fergus Falls and surrounding areas for over 40 years.

The EMS Explorer Post is a club for high school students interested in learning about pre-hospital care of the sick and injured and to learn more about the exciting careers in Emergency Medical Services.

The group meets once a month during the school year. These meetings focus on different aspects of care provided and teach basic first aid skills.  Opportunities will be available to ride along with the EMTs in an ambulance responding to 911 calls and also to work at standby events. 

Hands-on learning experience, life-saving education, and possibly the first step toward finding your "life" work...Ringdahl EMS Explorer Post.

Contact Explorer Post 347 Program Director Joe Mahunik, NREMT-P at jmahunik@ringdahlems.com or call (218) 736-8219.

Ringdahl Ambulance in Pelican Rapids will begin an exploring post in Pelican Rapids during the fall of 2008. Contact Explorer Post Program Director, Pat Patterson, NREMT-P at ppatterson@ringdahlems.com or call (218) 736-2819.

Download Explorer flyer to print and post in your school

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