SCAA contact information Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association
Ottertail County Chapter
214 E Junius - PO Box 462
Fergus Falls,  MN  56538
218-731-8216 -
866-972-SCAA (7222)

One of eleven chapters accross the US, Ottertail County is dedicated to improving survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We at Ringdahl Ambulance Services can't do it alone. We need the public, businesses, community organizations, government, and all organizations to take an active role in raising awareness and learning CPR and how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator - (AED).


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Now you can Purchase AEDs
at any of our ambulance locations by contacting Ringdahl EMS. Contact us for information on setting up an AED program, determining your needs, arranging training or establishing a safety program at your business or in your community. We provide awareness training and orientation training to churches, businesses, community organizations, schools, government agencies and the general public. Call Randy at 218-731-8216 for more information or email

No Fear CPR: Take Action, Save Lives Video Link - Take Heart America





Rapid initiation of CPR is critical to help someone survive sudden cardiac arrest. Time is of the essence during Sudden Cardiac Arrest and more people can survive with a bystander, family member or co-worker initiating CPR and utilizing an AED immediately when someone suddenly collapses unconcsious and unresponsive. Hands-Only CPR is an option for those not knowing how to perform CPR with ventilations. The bottom line is: Everyone should know CPR! Emergency Training Associates can assist with all of your training needs. 218-998-2939 or

Ringdahl EMS and the Ottertail County Chapter of the SCAA offer a FREE presentation called "How to Save a Life" for your community group, business, or school. Contact us at Ringdahl EMS and we will assist your organization in developing a plan, purchasing an AED, training your staff, and creating additional community awareness of the importance of early CPR and rapid use of an AED.

Contact Randy Fischer at 218-731-8216 or email for more information and assistance setting up an AED program.

Click below for the How to Save a Life FREE Training and AED purchase informational flyer.

"How to Save a Life"

Philips On-Site AED flyer - PDF

Use the following link to learn how to use an AED. Purchase an AED from us along with set-up, training and on-going monitoring of your AED program.

AED Demo Link - Philips HeartStart OnSite AED